Sunday, June 21, 2009

VA Dental Picnic and Tribute

I am really proud of how hard Nate has worked this past year. He's stayed long evenings and weekends finishing his notes, lab prep work, presentations and answering pages. I suppose he could have taken it a tad easier considering he has the highest production, but he has always made time for us. I guess that's why he was presented the "Family Practice" plaque. He's really advanced professionally from the residency and we are grateful for our experiences here.

The residents from left to right:
Dr. Sung Cho, Dr. Sharla Aronson, Dr. Heidi Ferre, Dr. Nathan Starley, Dr. Safa Maiwand, Dr. Nancy Lam

Nate receiving his plaque

Nathan's Tribute:

Dr. Nathan "Family Practice" Starley
Presented for successful completion of the one-year General Dentistry Residency at the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System in June of 2009. Dr. Starley truly excelled as a mature and rock-steady dental practitioner during his year with us. Nathan may have been slow in sharing his dental check-off book with staff, but was never stingy with Stacey's fabulous homemade cookies. Best wishes for you, for your family, and your upcoming dental practice with Dad in Utah.

Katelyn studying the likeness of herself

The Plaques for the residents made by Dr. Deale. He's been making these from dental materials for the past 30 years.

Pretty much everyone that works at the VA dental clinic


Amber said...

Congrats to you all for completing the residency and good luck with the move! Let us know when you get settled a little and we will get together.

Sharla said...

What a nice tribute:) I hope everything is going well in Salt Lake - I bet having your own home definitely beats renting above crazy neighbors! Miss you guys!