Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Match Results

Here we come California! Nate's been matched to the VA hospital residency in Palo Alto, CA. Here is a picture of the hospital and a map highlighting where we will be. Also Palo Alto is home to Stanford University. It will be exciting to be so close to San Francsico and we heard our good friends, Brendan and Elizabeth Selway will be about 25 minutes from us. Nate starts on July 1st but we may have to be there for orientation type things at the end of June. Isn't it exciting!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Katelyn's Winning Smile

Sorry so many posts...I couldn't help myself. Katelyn and I were dancing to Tim McGraw's Just to See You Smile and having a great time. Nate snapped the shot and we finally captured Katelyn's winning grin.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cool Things About Atlantic City...

So Nate, Katelyn, and I decided to take one last adventure over MLK weekend before the new arrival comes. We had a super fun time swimming in the indoor pool and shopping the outlets. We stopped into the Atlantic City Historic Museum and learned a lot of interesting tidbits about the place.

*Salt Water Taffy was invented here in 1880 by Mr. Enoch James. (Our hotel concierge hooked us up with a free box of taffy because we couldn't find any souvenir shops that were open on the boardwalk).

*The Miss America Pagent is held here but apparently Miss Atlantic City never competes. Instead she is the official "greeter" of the contestants. I guess the first girl decided it would be unfair and started the tradition of hostess.

*Ever wonder where Boardwalk and Park Place have reference? Monopoly was founded in A.C. and based off the streets, railroads, and electric companies.

*In 1930 when Planters opened a shop on the boardwalk they had a Mr. Peanut strolling with crowds (Disney based his amusement park characters from the Mr. Peanut mascot).

*The first Ferris Wheel was set on the boardwalk made out of wood (the first steel one was at the Chicago World Fair).

*It's the first boardwalk created and it was taken down and stored during the off season for the first few decades (it's over 6 miles long).

*The steel pier originated the famous bareback horserider 40 ft dive into a tank of water (anyone seen Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken?).

Anyway there is all sorts of cool stuff to see. The casinos have only been here since the 70's so now it basically looks like Vegas on the beach.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Way to go Nate

Katelyn in her room with 'Pooh'.................Taking a break to ask for 'Fish'

Nate and "Babykins" decided to surprise me a day early and took me out for a fun-filled evening at Applebees and Target. We ate til we were stuffed and played hide-n-go-seek in the aisles at Target. Nate splurged on a Kitchenaid mixer for me so I feel like a real chef now. I even came home from the purchase and made a cake from scratch and icing to boot. Note to self...I should have started with rolls or something I have made before. Nonetheless it was wonderful fun! As a super sweet topping my in-laws present came in the mail. Illustrated scriptures to read to Katelyn (oh alright so I can look at them too), a book of poetry with religious themes, and dinner at my personal favorite Cheesecake Factory (I can't mention the rest because Nate might steal them from me...j/k). Oh and my parents replaced the lost 'masterpiece of plane travel accessories' aka Personal DVD Player we misplaced on the trip to Utah. Katelyn has already claimed it as hers and has changed refering to the TV as Melmo (Elmo) and now says Pooh. Occasionally she has been able to refer to it as Tee.

Birthday Blues Buster

My birthday makes me melancholy for some reason even though I am really not very old. So in an attempt to stay positive I have compiled a list of accomplishments since my last birthday...

Discovered first hand that flour snufs a grease fire (poor missionaries had a later dinner)
Made the one year mark with Katelyn on nursing (didn't think we'd make it)
Ran half-marathon (I'm really not a runner, so big deal for me)
Danced at Roseball (I have two left feet)
Snorkeled in Hanauma Bay (after my sea turtle encounter yrs ago wasn't sure I could)
Completed 5 pastel pieces (1 being Katelyn's portrait) & my first canvas painting
Learned to sew quilts, make cards, and bake Chocolate Chip cookies (so domestic)
Read Jesus the Christ and even guided a few discussions on it

Realize how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, food in my pantry, and Nate and Katelyn cheering me on in my endeavors.

Tomorrow marks the start of my 26th year and new adventures await.

Friday, January 4, 2008

December Tasks by Katelyn

Just click on the picture to see it enlarged:

Taste Tester

Secret Shopper

Retirement Party Thrower

Stocking Snatcher

Fashion Coordinator

Book Critic

Belly Button Exposer

Helicopter Pilot

Trail Blazer