Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Watercolors-My blooming artist

Katelyn just discovered the great thrill of painting. She was entertained for a good hour and a half. I would totally recommend this as it wipes clean with a paper towel in about 2 seconds.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The cross-country trek

Well we made it. Amanda and Nick brought us breakfast and helped clear out the last few items in our apartment. The flight...well. Amanda helped me carry the 6 checked bags, 2 carry-on diaper bags, 2 carseats, 1 infant, 1 toddler, and 1 stroller to the skycap. We were quite the scene. Then I took the load minus 6 checked through security. A nice couple behind me helped me break everything down and go through the line. A super nice flight attendent carried Sarah in her seat down the jetway and buckled her in on the plane. What would I have done without all the Good Samaritans?
All was great for the majority of the flight. Katelyn was awake and watching Beauty and the Beast while Sarah slept. Then Katelyn fell asleep for 1 1/2 to 2 hours while Sarah was in need of attention. Little did I know the descent had begun and I was ill prepared. At the same time Sarah and Katelyn started screaming. Not moaning, not whining, flat out screaming. The lovely couple behind me took Sarah and fed her (did I mention I pumped on the flight too) while I tried to get Katelyn to swallow. Unfortunately the plane was out of liquids and so was I. Poor Katelyn had to suffer until we touched the ground. But she was a trooper, as were our fellow travelers. All in all I changed 3 poop-y diapers, two outfits, was covered in sweat, tears, and baby vomit but my mom still said it was so great to see me. Aren't mom's the best?
It could have been worse. Nate drove for 3 days to get from Maryland to Utah in time to hear Spencer's Farewell address on Sunday (which was totally worth it). On that lovely expedition he encountered a flat tire somewhere near Wyoming, a freak rain storm that flooded up high on the Penske, and I sent him with the wrong attachment for his ipod-oops. At least his sweet sister Holly was there for moral support, right? Thanks Holl.

Shout Out to Maryland

A Dinner with the Crowthers
B Feasting on Thai Beef Salad and packing
C Running in the Waterfalls at Cheesecake Factory in Columbia
D Encouraging Luke to sit up
E Impromptu party with MacDonald's, Hale's, and Eaton's. Thanks for taking care of us guys.

Thanks everyone for your help these last few weeks. What would we do without you? We had dinners, party's, farewell get together's, and lovely cards. Thanks everyone for caring. Thanks for those who helped with packing, moving, and moral boosting. Thanks Matt and Jenn for the many supplies, Amanda for finishing my to do list, MacDonald's for babysitting, feeding me, and loading the truck, Erin and Justin for the uplifting laughs, and Lis and Brooklyn for your nice hugs, and the Crowther's for a nice night. Cami and Rhett thanks so much for your awesome air mattress. Thanks Amber and Spencer for assuring us that we could fit all of our stuff into the 16 foot really did work amazingly enough. Oh and thanks Alan for turning around the framing in two days. It's absolutely stunning. I am so sorry if I left out a specific shout out. There were so many thoughtful activities and invitations this past month it would be impossible to get them all out there. We feel so blessed to have been a part of your lives. We came to Maryland not knowing what to expect and left feeling overwhelmed with admiration for so many wonderful people. We have so many experiences to look back on and smile about. Thank you. My awesome visiting teacher's left me a card that said "People may not remember what you said or what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel." I think that was Maya Angelou but anyway thanks for making us feel at home in Maryland. Please feel free to visit us in our future homes.

Baby Charlotte

Charlotte 1 week Sarah 3 months

Starley Grandparents with latest editions

We headed up to Connecticut right after graduation. Who wants to pack when it's time to move anyway? Nate's sister Heather just had a little girl, Charlotte, and we went to see her. Bummer that I got a little dehydrated on our trip and had my second kidney stone. Note to self, drink more water. The beach house we stayed in was really cool and well worth the struggles getting there.
Here is a video clip of Nate making a Gracie/Katelyn sandwich. Er...anyone know how to upload the videos?

Dr. Nate

Way to go Nate. After a greuling 8 or 9 years (but who's counting) he did it. We still aren't done with our adventures though. We will be headed to Palo Alto, CA for another year away. Ah well. What's life without a little adventure abroad? Anyone that wants to come visit San Francisco is welcome to stay with us...when we get there anyway. We are taking a little breathing time at home in Utah. The girls are loving every minute of extended family time.

Nate's Solution for Sarah's Tummy Cramps

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is always such a happy day. My first mother's day they paved the road to our church, this one I gave a talk on strengthening families. Nate spruced things up and treated me and the girls with Chick-Fil-A on Saturday (where Katelyn gave me a beautiful carnation flower) and made me breakfast on Sunday morning. Nate is one of the few guys that would take a graduation present that I purchased for him and trade it in for one for me--I bought him a real wedding ring to replace the latest Walmart beauty on his finger. Anyway I ended up with some beautiful earrings so thanks sweetie.

Here's a post dedicated to the special Mom's in my life. First of course is my Mom. She's one of the few people that knows every stage of my life and still looks at me like I've conquered the world. This coming from a woman who has worked harder than any other person at raising children. I feel overwhelmed every once in a while because Nate had an externship, meeting, or night patient. My mom, she works full time night shifts as a respiratory therapist, serves in the Relief Society Presidency, and watches 5 grandchildren 3 or more days a week. She never complains and still claims to be getting the better part of the bargain. She is the epitomy of charity. I am glad she finally got a bit of time to herself to go to Paris with my dad (even if it was to support Dad's track meet competitions--way to go Dad!)

I would also like to send a shout out to Colleen. Thanks hon for listening to me and dropping everything in your life to come help me after both of the girls' births. Being a 'dental school wife' is something you have to experience to appreciate and I feel Colleen has been so understanding through it all (the good AND the bad). Thanks for telling me you think I am strong when I am bawling like a baby on the phone. You always know what to say to make me feel like a million dollars. You are more than a mother-in-law. You are my other mother. I can't wait to live closer to home.

Becky, Natalie, Holly and guys show me everyday what it means to be a good mother. Thanks for the creative ideas to reach out to my toddler and infant. I feel stronger because I know my girl's have you all for aunts.

I also wanted to tell everybody how great Betty was to me too. Betty is Nate's grandmother and she was living with the Starley's for a bit when Nate and I first started dating. I will never forget when I came over to carve pumpkins for family home evening and she made me feel like Nate was the luckiest guy to be with me. Thanks Betty for helping me fit in.

Now that I started naming people I feel like I have to say thanks to my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, and all the family members on Nate's side too. Family is awesome. I can't wait to come home!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bicuspid Ball and Surprise Grad Party for the Boys

Nate and I were able to go out on a real date like grownups! Okay we went to the school dance like teenagers but it was awesome! Cheapest dance we've ever been to and so far the best food. And we won the raffle and scored a gift certificate to the Cheesecake Factory. Sweet!

We wives banned together for a surprise party for our husbands. We had Cafe Rio burritos and watched Enchanted on the projector screen. What a fun group we have had out here.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cinco De Mayo Dental School Picnic

Dental Class 2008

6 mom's nursing in the park...

Yeah I know it isn't Cinco de Mayo until Monday (Happy Birthday Amy by the way) but that's what the end of school BBQ is called. It was quite a warm day as you can see from Katelyn's cheeks but...we had a great time. Dr. Sensei on the drums and Mike Virts on vocals made it a jammin' affair. Sarah is all smiles from her day (I think she looks like me here) and Katelyn liked her new hat. The best part of all is that we now have a photo of the four of us! Thanks to everybody for the fun filled day!