Monday, June 22, 2009

Golden Gate Park

We spent the girls' last Saturday in Golden Gate Park. We took them to the California Academy of Sciences to see the aquariums, swamps, and rainforest exhibits. Well we didn't quite walk through the butterfly atrium because the line was at least an hour long but we looked through the glass...We did however see the craziest looking albino alligator. I tell you he was rather sedate but he looked quite mean. The fish aquariums were a HUGE hit as usual with the girls.

There was a Band Festival going on at the amphitheater so we made the best of the marching beat by chasing the girls around the fountains.

Sarah's Favorite: Peek-a-boo and There she is!!!

Nate decided to let me have a little alone time at the art museum so I went in to the de Young museum (a ticket there is also good for the de Legion museum on the same day, Rodin sculptures, etc.). These were the highlight of my walk through though the King Tut exhibit looks amazing.
De Young Art Museum

Robert Henri, "Lady in Black (Spanish scarf)"

Rembrandt Peale, "George Washington"

Both of these pieces are magnificent in person. Robert Henri follows the Old Masters style of soft edges to bring life into form. Rembrandt Peale uses a very clean and precise ultra detail for realism. These paintings in person took my breath away. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in seeing true masters in portraiture.

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Rachel Guymon said...

Love the aquarium! How fun. Stace, you should come and visit me in NY and we can go to the MET together. I also went by myself once after I ran a race in central park bc I really wanted to spend more time in there the last time we went but Jim and the girls were done. I love art museums. Let's get the girls together for a reunion in NY want to?