Friday, June 5, 2009

June happenings

My posts seem to be confusing everyone, sorry. We are still in Cali but only for a few more weeks. I stayed in Utah for a long visit closing on the house and getting a few things ordered prior to move-in date. Things have been really good here. We've been spending a lot of time outdoors on walks with friends or getting together for playdates.
We had a short scare for me, but the docs best guess is that I had a small ovarian cyst that ruptured a few days ago. No further complications have come from it and there don't appear to be any others; so we are feeling really blessed. Thanks to those of you who came to help me with my kids (Heather!!!) or were just a friendly and reassuring voice on the line (everyone else!!!).
Here are some cute shots of the girls from a playgroup pool party and walking party:
Barb Whitman knows how to throw a pool party! This was the "snack" table before lunch. She passed a menu chart around and you just marked how many of what you wanted from the grill (I took the salmon burger).

Katelyn and Everett (firetruck shirt) are such cute friends. I wished I had taken my camera on our walk today. They were running on the path holding hands. Everett just kept calling back to us 'slow' stroller pushers "See ya later alligator".

The baby goats were only a few days old when we saw them at the farm along our foothill walk.

Tree Huggers Ashli Mei and Katelyn

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Becky Ropelato said...

Hi there! I haven't talked to you for a while, but it's good to know your doctor figured out where the pain was most likely from...I love your new pics. It makes me want to take my kids to the park or do something fun today! I especially liked the one entitled Tree Huggers! Love to you all.