Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall leaves

The girls and I ventured out for a walk and saw a lovely heap of leaves.  We started throwing them up and then katelyn said, "we could do service!"  With that she bolted home for some rakes and recruited some neighbors.  The end result...great memories and shared love.
First attempts
With a little help from recruits
Even our littlest guy wanted to help
Hard at work
Jumping in
Etney even joined in with her dress
Never too old for leaves
Shower of leaves
Buried in the leaves

Monday, October 6, 2014

Life has been good to us

It's been awhile people but we will have another go.  Here are some family photo updates:  we now have little Andrew in our family, we've added on to our home twice in the last 12 months, and I am trying to catch up on journaling our adventures in between.
Andrew in st. George enjoying the warm sand in February this year
Katelyn in her baptism dress this spring
Abby 4
Sarah 6
Some good ol fashioned giggles
Mommy snuggles before katelyn grows up too fast
Last summers Eskimo kisses with Sarah when she didn't want to have family photos taken
Seattle last weekend skipping rocks
Andrew was trying to skip like daddy
Andrew this spring enjoying the apple orchard blossoms
Abby and Andrew cooking in the kitchen 
Before kitchen (this is the whole room)
Taking out exterior walls and adding much needed space in our favorite gathering place
Well here's to being a little better at keeping life recorded.😉