Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I is for Icecream

Holly Allison has to be one of the most creative moms....she has all these cute Mommy and Me activities just floating around in her mind. Monday she let Katelyn, Sarah, and I join her in her antics. Her theme: Icecream.
She set out this scavenger hunt of construction paper icecream scoops in different colors all over the playground. Each child could gather up three of three different colors. Then she read a little poem and had the kids raise there colored scoop when it was mentioned. We did this a few times through. Next we were given a paper cone and the kids "stacked" up their triple decker cones.
Then we gathered in a circle for Ring around the Rosies and sat for the presentation. Holly had all the ingredients for homemade icecream and let the kids help put everything into the can. The kids kicked, passed, and rolled the can to each other while the icecream set (Erin, I don't know about you but this reminds me of a similar activity in Principles of Technology...). To top it all off we each had some icecream in a cone together and sat for our picnic lunch. Then the kids played together on the jungle gym equipment.
Oh the fun things I will miss about these awesome friends in California...


Angela Hill said...

she sounds like the type of mom I always thought I would be, but am definitely not.

Becca Hoxer said...

Stacey!!! I found your blog through Amity Mock's. She had a link to the Ropelato family, and I thought, hmmmm, I know one of them. I'm so excited that you are going to be close by!!!