Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nate's the big 30!

Here is a post to my bashful husband. He has now become part of the super elite over 30 club. I still have a few more years...but I am sure to receive membership gracefully (ha!). We started with a great Boogie Woogie Dance card from Nate's parents that the girls have been wiggling to, a dehydrated ice cream sandwich from the NASA gift shop from the girls outing a couple days ago, and Nate has yet to open his stellar gift from me. The plan is to dig in with the Elders over icecream cake tonight. Nate didn't want a big fuss made so, I did my best to comply. I am thinking dinner at Chuck-E-Cheese with the girls to relive his childhood years.

30 things I like about Nate:
1. He's funny and he likes to tease me
2. He bought me orchids last night because I had a rough day
3. He wrestles with the girls
4. If we are hanging out with friends he doesn't mind entertaining the kids while I play a round of Settlers.
5. He forgives me and doesn't hold grudges
6. He gives the best hugs, is delightfully handsome, and reminds me of a certain famous actor...
7. He's a hard worker. He stays late if he needs to, he is thorough in his work, if he says he'll show up for a service activity he will (even if he has a fever).
8. He's uniquely allergic to Acetaminophin, weird but it's sort of like Achilles heel. There is a magic weakness to all his heroicness.
9. He washes the dishes
10. He does the grocery shopping
11. He'll take Katelyn to the laundramat while HE does the laundry
12. He takes out the garbages
13. My neighbor hinted that Chinese men don't do these things but she's always pointing out Nate's great qualities (I think secretly she was wondering what I do all day...)just kidding
14. He makes a great bowl of Lucky Charms, though his Ham Fried Rice is still a work in progress...
15. He reads his scriptures and says his prayers regularly and he's really good about gently reminding me to join him.
16. He runs at my pace and pushes both girls in the stroller just to spend time with us.
17. He's friendly to everyone and I don't know anyone that doesn't like him.
18. He's humble
19. He has a strong testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon.
20. He dances with me when the girls have gone to bed
21. He does the best animal impersonations with the girls
22. He's not afraid to admit when he's wrong or when he doesn't feel confident doing something. He's not ashamed to ask for help.
23. He is so much more than I ever thought to hope for in a husband.
24. He has sooo much patience
25. He makes chores exciting and gets the girls begging to participate with his enthusiasm. Dishes, cooking muffins, "Let's put the Baby to bed Sarah," mopping, wiping tables.
26. He puts up with my countless projects, ideas, dreams, and less than ideal temporary organization solutions.
27. He listens to all my book, movie, current events, and outing reviews and is respectful and patient as I tell him every detail. He usually puts in a good laugh at the end.
28. He embraces my spontaneity and lack of planning but is usually willing to do whatever I have in mind.
29. He has the best mind for trivia. Pop, sports, historical, just don't ask him about literature or art (though he did get a question about Charles Dickens and Pip correct the other day, way to go).
30. I love that I am sealed for eternity to this man and we have many more memories to come!

He really is that wonderful!


April said...

That was so sweet Stac, I may need to borrow him when you move back home. hehe

Natalie Ropelato said...

AWWWW!!! Did you give a copy of this to Nate for his birthday, it is so sweet. Tell Nate Happy Birthday from all of us, and 30 isn't so bad :)

Rachel Guymon said...

Nate really is a great guy. Isn't is grand having such wonderful hubbys? I've always admired and liked Nate and Jim has mentioned a few times that Nate was always someone he knew he could count on. Happy birthday Nate! We sure miss our great friends!

Katie said...

wow stace. good job!! i could only think of 29 things i liked about nate. jk. he really is so great. you are a lucky, lucky girl. who is the famous actor? happy birthday nate. 30 really is so elite. welcome welcome.

Shannon said...

Happy birthday to Nate! Hope it was a great day. :)

Aaron and Melissa said...

What an adorable post. We sure love both of you guys! Nate-- you ARE such a great guy...Aaron sure misses you. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Nate!

The Long Family Nick * Amanda * Brady said...

Cute post stace! It really made me miss you both - hopefully we will see you in Utah sooN! Oh, happy birthday Nate!!