Monday, December 22, 2008

Ward Christmas Party

Nate and Stacey Running the Christmas Jeopardy game---thanks Dad for all your help! It was awesome!

A Jolly Santa Moment

Sarah after the Ward Christmas Party

Sarah after Nate's work Christmas Party! Did we mention we squished in two parties in one night? Way to go guys are troopers!

Christmas in the Park-San Jose

This was great because it really made me feel at home for Christmas. We used to go to see the Festival of Lights in Ogden where different organizations donate a decorated Christmas Tree to different causes. Afterward we'd warm up from the frosty air with some yummy hot cocoa. This year's San Jose exhibit was just like home. Aren't traditions great?

December Playgroup

Buddies Sarah and Claire

Gotta Love Frosty!
Thanks guys for all the fun activities! I will have you know Holly, we purchased Frosty the Snowman for Katelyn's stocking because of this activity!!! Or at least that was my way of justifying...

Holiday Goodies

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words...

Children's Discovery Museum

Katelyn making new friends over flying Objects and Mom/Sarah in the Mirror!

Sweet Reflections

Conquering Firetruck fears

Mighty Sarah learning to walk

Who's driving that Ambulance?

Check out our crowd!
The Selway's invited us to explore San Jose's awesome Children's Museum. When we were entering a fellow patron kindly allowed us to enter via her guest passes. Double awesome. What a great place to explore. Katelyn quickly forgot her firetruck/ambulance fears and had a ball playing with Tim, Anthony, and Sean. Sarah loved mostly loved the flying balls and cornstalks intended for making corn husk dolls...if only we had had enough time to explore the bubble exhibit. I guess that leaves something for another visit!

Baby Vito!

Baby Tim and Liz!

Baby Tony!

O Christmas Tree

Daddy's Little Helpers (Dancing to Jingle Bell Rock)

Christmas Stories and Activities

The Tree and Stockings

We got a REAL tree this year. Or I should say we got A tree this year. Our very own. We went to a tree lot in Los Altos and picked it out with the girls. They wrapped it and tied it to our car so all we had to do was designate Nate to carry it up to our apartment...sorry babes. We found some great deals at Michaels with the ornaments. Poke a hole in the wood craft gingerbread men, tie some string and voila! Ornaments. Our star was a little trickier but thanks to our friends at Krazy glue we managed to attach two metal stars together for a more "kid friendly" appearance.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Going Private

As of December 16th our family blog will be going private. I have debated doing so for awhile after conversations with Holly. I signed in today and saw 138 people were on our site and most of them were overseas (but not from countries that I know people). If you would like to stay connected please leave a comment. I am comfortable with friends of friends viewing our blog so don't be shy. I started blogging to stay connected with friends and family and to keep me up to date on recording the daily happenings here. I get a little uncomfortable knowing only one or two people in India and yet having about 100 different viewers from there...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grandpa Mario "Mutt" Ropelato

About 5 years ago my grandpa had a heart attack and needed an open heart surgery. This past week he's been having chest pains and headaches. My aunt Dawn took him to the hospital and he needed to stay the night. Everything seems to be going alright as his travel plans haven't been canceled but I was shaken up anyway. I love my grandpa and am so grateful for the support he has been in my life. It's sort of cool that when he was 50, my dad was 25, and I was 0 (just born). Even niftier is that while I was 25 Katelyn was still under 1 year old so the pattern continues...
Those of you who have seen the girls at church in their yellow/white dresses, he's the grandpa who bought them. He's quite the traveller these days and I am so grateful for the many flights to Maryland and excursions to see us in Baltimore. Love ya Grandpa.
Here are some fun photos of my girl's with their great-grandpa:

Dinosaur Park Sept 2008

La Ferrovia Restaurant June 2008

Starley's Apartment in Baltimore, Maryland February 2008

Great-Grandpa Mutt's Farm, Hooper, Utah July 2007

Grandma Ropelato's House, Huntsville, Utah December 2006

Pit Roasting Sarah

Nate loves to pick up the girls as though they are about to be cooked like a rotisserie...they love it!

Flashbacks with Katelyn

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dollhouse Living Room

Yay! The dollhouse is done...or at least as much as I am going to do. Can't say I don't totally envy this kitchen set but...enough is enough.

Cute stuff at
Here is a look at the living room (of course I could always go for a working grandfather clock).

Complete with framed photo's of the girls, chandelier, and roasting fire in the fireplace. We put up a Christmas tree this weekend and so the dollhouse needed one as well. It's been great fun but well now it's time to play with it.

Missing Big Moments

Nate's been watching the girls on Thursday nights while I have art class. It's been great to have those 3 hours to work and relax. Right now I am working on Sarah's portrait as well as a piece for a friend. I have started my first official oil painting and it's really exciting. Unfortunately while at this class I missed Katelyn's first big potty moment. Nate said Katelyn told him to go in her room and she shut the door. He heard her bearing down and thought,"if she can ask for privacy she can probably handle the potty." So he set her up just in time for her first success at the potty. Way to go Katelyn and way to go SuperDad. So the potty training has officially begun as of December 4th. We shall see when it's officially mastered...

Family Photos at Gamble Gardens

We made an exchange with the Adamson's that we would take their family photos, if they wouldn't mind taking ours. We have some really fun ones and made some new friends in the park. Ummm...if you didn't know yet, I totally love this place!



We started the day in the park watching Nate play in a Turkey Bowl (umm...Flag Football designated on Thanksgiving). While at the park Katelyn bonded with Brother Kenney from our ward. Apparantly I didn't understand the extent of camaderie until we were leaving and she started to cry for her "Grandpa".

The tears were not through mind you. Nate and I had an intimate gathering for our meal and as such I didn't really watch Katelyn as she played with the pepper shaker. I put it on the cabinet after I heard her coughing but missed that she managed to get it down again. 5 minutes to meal time she rubbed some pepper flakes in her eyes... It was just awful to hear her cry. Nate was great. He swooped in and washed her face. When that didn't seem to do the trick he put her in the shower. We added a little saline drops into the mix and the magic soothing power of candy to lull her out of her hysteria. I gather the pepper in Pepperspray is what causes all the pain. Katelyn was a trooper. She pulled through and we had a feast ready to greet her.

The menu: Rosemary Turkey with Cranberry Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Gravy, Rosemary Bread, Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar, Green Bean Casserole, Jello, Pumpkin Pie, and Apple Pie. mouth is watering!