Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dinner with the Boohers

We had a lovely Family Home Evening dinner with Shan and Ry before heading to Utah for some paperwork for the house and my cousins wedding. Good luck in LA you guys!

The wonders of a potty bench

Success at the potty or at least at home. We spontaneously decided to purchase a little stool for Katelyn so that she could more easily access the potty and sink. Little did I know the charm this little stool possesses. Not only did it make the toilet exciting, but Sarah loves it for a little climbing/bouncing action.

Slow Cooker Pot Roast via Alison Dunn...enough said

It's taken me nearly 7 years of marriage to venture at making a roast for Sunday dinner but with a lot of help and encouragement from Alison I was quite proud of the final dinner. Sorry Elders that you were still recovering from Wendy's food poisoning and weren't able to enjoy our feast...better luck next time. Maybe they recalled last months not so great dinner with the Starleys...

Beach Babies and Airshow

Last week we had a 97 degree day. We spent the morning watching people fly model airplanes and their tricks at the San Antonio Reserve and then the afternoon at Half Moon Bay. I must say I have been a half dozen times now and this was our only clear day at the beach. It was truly beautiful and a comfortable 77 degrees. Thanks Amy for coordinating.

Making Sandcastles "like Curious George"

I love that I slathered sunblock all over my children but myself...and I burned pretty badly on my back.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sarah's Portrait

Just finished last night. You can check it out at

Katelyn's Time Capsule

April '06 to April '09

We love this little girl and since we started blogging when she was 18 months old, I thought I would make a photo collage of her growing up so you can see her early days too.

It's Great to be 3 Party at Hidden Villa Farms

It's Great to Be 3 Picnic. This was a fun idea by Mary to get the girls together that share a birthday. Cranberry muffins, crackers, clementines, and a farm what a fun day!

Introducing "Puppers". Katelyn so dubbed Nate's dog (Heather sent this to Nate for Christmas last year...the barking, back flip jumping mechanical dog) Puppers and she wants to bring him everywhere along with her baby puppy bottle for Puppers...

Peeking at the baby chicks

Katelyn's not afraid of much when it comes to farm animals. Spiders....that's another story. Here are multiple photos of her chasing the chickens around the farm and into their pen. One thought it was clever seeking shelter in the stroller but Katelyn's persistence got it into it's pen.

Sarah doing her fair share of chicken chasing (Sarah could be my baby twin in this photo...)

Posing as a baby chick...(hey mom I got a photo of the crabby shirt!)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Donkey, Shrek, Palo Alto VA= Quality Time with Daddy

Nate invited us to picnic with him on his lunch break and check out the local donkeys on the back of the VA.
Perry, the miniature donkey, was used as a model for the Shrek Donkey. Here Katelyn is trying to give him a huge hug.

On our outing we found a field of wildflowers and stopped to explore.

Next we saw an egret bird in the distance and Katelyn thought we should take along this massive rock in our stroller...

More fun swinging feet on the bench.

Reading stories with Daddy

Sisterly Bathtime

Photo Naratives of Bathtime Before Naptime...