Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Graceless Moments

I am learning that balance and pregnancy do not go hand in hand. While trying to kill a hornet, I fell from a chair and gracelessly plummeted into my computer, table, and living room window. I split my elbow and bruised my arm from shoulder to fingers not to mention the broken table leg. I immediately left the scene to attend my last OB appointment. My OB recommended an xray because she thought I had broken my arm (though it was just a crazy amount of swelling blocking my ability to close my arm).

The positive side: I did kill the hornet so at least it didn't fly down and sting me to add insult to injury, I didn't shatter the window as expected, AND it looks like I wont have to show up for my surgery with a cast on my arm...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sarah's 1st Hair Trim

I would say I "cut" her hair but it was more like a "snip-off-the-rat-tail" trim.
She was not patient like Katelyn on her first cut, so my lacking skills are very apparant...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birthday Take 2

We had a Starley family party a couple days later. Katelyn was VERY specific on her cake this year. She wanted a purple cake with white frosting, green sprinkles and of course it needed to be an Ariel Princess cake...this was the best I could muster.
The Cake

Sarah Drooling

Blowing out candles

Cutting the Cake

Showing off the "Purple" cake aka blue and red food coloring to a white cake mix.

Katelyn's 4th Birthday

My mom was awesome and had us combine Katelyn and her two cousins' birthday parties into one. We had some fun with potato sack races, musical chairs, and presents. Not to mention 3 birthday cakes! It was a success.
The Birthday Girls
(left to right: McKell, Jackie, Katelyn, and non-birthday Lexie)

Big Wishes

Opening Presents

I love this photo of my brother Dave cheating in the sack races...priceless.
Lining Up

The Big Cheater

Ladies Race

Kids Sack Race

The Kids Footrace

Sarah not understanding Go

She doesn't mind being last!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cute Moments with Nate

Sarah made a special request for Daddy to make her fly like a fairy...

Pure joy

Both girls wanted to sit on Daddy's lap to put the puzzle together

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter with 2 Grandma's

Colleen went to Connecticut this year so we celebrated Easter early with the Starley's. This actually worked out perfectly so we could have loads of Easter celebration and still have Conference Weekend available. For the Starley Easter we had a mix of Eggs with symbols of the Easter Story inside and candy. For the Ropelato Easter we had a mix of candy and money. Katelyn was our best money hunter and found a $20 gold egg.

Here is a photo highlight:
Starley Easter
Dying Eggs with Grandma Starley

Dying Easter Eggs

A little game of Horse

Sarah falling asleep with bottle in hand before the Hunt due to the game of Horse

Racing for the Eggs

A boost from Daddy

Ropelato Easter

Family Photo

The Competition

Katelyn in the Hunt

Sarah in the Hunt

Katelyn (dressed as an Angel) surveying the goods

Sarah (dressed as a Fairy) holding her baby