Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Flag Football Season

Nate explaining the fundamentals of Flag Football to Katelyn

Set, Hike!


Okay I haven't been the best sports aficionada during fall season (it's usually so cold and during my studio time) but last week Katelyn and I had a ball. Katelyn decided to remedy a stumbling problem by smoothing out the corner of the blanket and placing an acorn on top to keep it down. Oh, she is so funny to watch. She loved hanging around with Hershey the pup and REALLY bonded with football.

New York Girl's Trip

Four Girls on the Ferry

Holly laughing at goofy photos by the Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty's piercing eyes behind Heather and Anne

What an amazing show (we were right up front and could see the expressions and appreciate the ick factor from the spitting)

Anne and Holly with the Dinos at Natural History Museum (long live Night at the Museum)

Grandma Colleen holding Minnie Mouse with the Berenstain Bears Family (Heather, Grace, Davy, and Dan) at the amazing Halloween Fest.

Katelyn as Minnie Mouse (didn't Nate do such a great job getting her ready?)

Okay it was crazy chaotic but super fun. 6+ hours to Connecticut Thursday night (sleep at 1:30am), wake at 4:40am to catch train to NY, meet Colleen and Anne to head to Statue of Liberty. All day journey there and around Ellis Island (with a few yummy stops for pastries along the way) only to rush back to get ready for... Wicked. Yes you heard it here folks. I did manage to make it to Wicked on Broadway. Loved the music and performers -the story still bothers me a little so not my all time fav but definately worth seeing. We headed back to the hotel for some decadent cheesecake (perfect at 11:00pm). We took it easy the next day with a delicious late morning and spent the day at the Empire State Bldg, Central Park, and Natural History Museum. Then we headed back to CT to go to an awesome trunk or treat at the church. Loved the bonding with my mother and sisters (we'll just drop the in-law because I can't seem to write it correctly anyway). Poor Nate had an adventure finding preschool in a new state for Grace and holding down the fort with Davy and Katelyn. What a guy. Katelyn was a trooper (it was our longest spread apart ever) and gave me the biggest hug when I finally got back to her. I am sure she had the time of her life.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We're Gonna Have a Girl!

We are so excited! After many ultrasounds (this is technically number 4) we were able to see a clear shot of our modest little mouse. I thought this image was fitting as I feel like skipping rope! Any name suggestions?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nate's Half Marathon

Nicknamed the Juggler, this guy was running the full 26.2 miles juggling 5 balls. Crazy.

Pre 13.1 mile run of Nate and AJ

Katelyn giving last minute advice

The Starting line, it took 8 1/2 minutes for everybody to cross the start.

I'm off with the other 6,000 runners.

Nate sees Dave sneak by and it gave him the motivation to pick up speed.

Post 13.1 mile run of Nate and AJ

The Battle Wounds

Where was Katelyn? She and Katie were bonding over fishies as we toured the USS Constellation for Free Fall Baltimore.

For those who have questioned, Why didn't Stacey run? I will quickly defend that here is my race from April in Ocean City (in the snow) and kindly remind you that I have less than 4 months left in my pregnancy. Really I just learned from last time. Notice my stride here as I round in to the finish. I could barely move. Then check out Nate's stride at the last mile with Dave. Hee Hee.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Katelyn's Firsts

First Night in a Toddler Bed
Katelyn made it a full week sleeping in her bed. Mom opened her big mouth about how proud she was that she hadn't fallen out and then...two nights in a row she fell out. We put the bumper pads up and she stays in nicely now. Eventually we will take them down but for now...I would rather have her safe.

First Scooting Ride on the Dora car
Katelyn is now interested in driving the dora car. Very exciting stuff since she has been pushing the buttons for months.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Baby Update

Just FYI that the tests came back normal. I have been losing my mind from guilt and worry the last two weeks after hearing I tested positive for toxoplasmosis (a parasite from raw meat that can cross the placenta and cause major birth defects of blindness or brain damage). Seems the lab messed up my results twice but finally we did get a clear answer and we are healthy. For those of you who knew thanks for your prayers, for those who didn't thanks for putting up with my emotions. I think we will be celebrating for FHE tonight!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Katelyn's Girlish Qualities Shining Through

Here are some funny shots of Katelyn from our short New York trip this week. My dad flew in for a meeting and so my mom came to hang out with him. Katelyn and I drove up to stay one night. She put on quite the show.

Dressing herself as she brushes her teeth

Wiping the table clean at home

Upset that her fingers are sticky from the yummy licorice Grandpa gave her

enjoying a laugh

coloring at dinner

Queen Katelyn in her blanket
Love ya, mom and dad

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You know you're pregnant when...

Your worst body feature suddenly becomes your best (because all of your good ones are so bad).
You open your mouth to say something and your mind goes blank...did I say EVERY time you go to open your mouth.
You spend more time sitting in the ladies room than you do anywhere else.
You wake up starving, eat, take a nap, eat, read a story to your toddler and then say Hey it's time for lunch.
Everything seems to be disorganized and it's driving you bonkers.
You search craigslist for a new crib because there isn't enough time to get ready for the new baby (even though there is still 4 months left).
You can't seem to get rid of that smell, or that smudge of dirt, or those stains you never noticed on the carpet...

Those all apply to me this time around, feel free to talk about your experiences. I am sure there are more but reread number two.