Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Candids

Christmas Dresses
 Abby just wants to hold the camera...
 Painting with Goop and having a ball
 Snuggles with Doggy
 Sarah's last day of Preschool before Christmas Break

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Taking out the Trash

There is something about crawling into confined spaces that toddlers can't resist.  Nate adds a little humor by threatening to dump her in the trash can...
 The sisters get in on some sliding car action
 Never a dull moment

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Student of the Month

Katelyn has had a big month of awards.  She had a reflections/literacy night display at her school and her sunflower drawing was chosen to go on to Council (to be judged against all the other elementary schools in the district).  She received a ribbon, certificate, gift card to an ice-cream parlor, a fun day at the Kangaroo Zoo and a ceramics day with all the other participating kids at her school.  She also found out she was chosen as Student of the Month for November and was invited to come back to school for a special assembly (she's in half-day kindergarten).  I will post images of her entry once we get it back but here are some shots of her ceramics day and awards assembly:
Katelyn with her Friends
Getting a hug from Mom

Busy Painting

My mom joined us for our afternoon at Kangaroo Zoo (indoor bounce house playland) and pizza lunch (you order pizza but it's really just placed through Dominoes and then

And Katelyn at her Awards Assembly by her class paintings
 Hearing her name announced
 Accepting the Award and listening to all the nice things Ms. Vandyke wrote about her
 Showing off her award certificate
Way to Let your Light Shine Katelyn!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Temple Square Lights

We took the girls down to enjoy the lights at temple square.
 A few tips:
      a. dress warm
      b. arrive early before the lights are on so you can see all the visitor center stuff first and then enjoy the lights.
      c. hot cocoa is a must have
We hung out in the visitor's center and the girls were absolutely amazed by the little house display that had television screens for windows playing mormon ads.  They could have been content there alone.  Next of course is the open model of the Salt Lake Temple.  Nate and I were married here so it was fun for the girls to see the miniature rooms like a dollhouse display.  We walked past a model of Angel Moroni and Katelyn exclaimed, "Look it's the whistler!!!"  We had a fun filled night watching Abby stare with open wonder at the Christus Statue and adoringly squeal, "Neigh" at all the horse-drawn carriages.  Sarah mostly snuggled and of course they all were oohing and ahhing over the lights.

Sarah gave up on walking early in the night...
 Katelyn taking in the lights
 Everyone is starting to really feel the cold
 the light display
it looks like there is fire coming down...
 Slowly kids are making dibs on mom's layers
 in the restaurant where it's nice and warm
finally peeling the layers

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ward Christmas Party

After the storm passed the food from the Relief Society Dinner was added to the Ward Christmas Party.  The delicious Chicken Primavera was happily eaten by all.

Darling Primary Reindeer Craft

Sarah couldn't look at the camera because she was studying dessert.

Katelyn singing with the Primary

Abby attacking everybody else's plate

Friday, December 9, 2011

Which is Scarier, Daddy or Movie?

Nate Chasing the Girls Up into the Windowsill
 A Quick Lunge
 Abby getting nervous
 A little more
 Can't watch for a minute
 Abandon the movie, it's too scary

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wind Storm Damage

Nate had heard about a big windstorm coming through Ogden but he didn't mention it to ME.  So I was totally unprepared for the 26 hours without power and the destruction through the backyard.  Though even if he had told me I don't think we would have thought we were in for all this.  Didn't take a shot of the roof but that is a satellite dish that came off the roof and pulled a whole bunch of shingles with it.  There are also patches above the garage and addition that are missing as well.  We have our insurance adjuster coming to evaluate whether we need a new roof tomorrow.  Wish us luck!

Just in case you were wondering how the playhouse looked before here's a refresher: