Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Santa Wish List: Immune System

Okay in years passed this has been mildly entertaining but enough's enough. To truly appreciate this you will need a small bit of information, we're pregnant! So the due date is May 1st. Now for my endeavors:

Part 1: The Flu Shot
I swear everywhere I go everyone has been talking about the flu shot and how pregnant women are in a critical category to get inoculated. Dutifully I show up at our primary care's office after calling to confirm I simply need to show up. Little did I know I would be dragging both my girls through the maze of the hospital to find the little clinic in the basement. I probably exposed them to hordes of awful things. The little man behind the desk (read punk kid with engaged earrings) informs me he will need to speak with his supervisor.
"Sorry Ma'am, the flu shots are for established patients only."
I explain that my brother-in-law has swine flu and that all my in-laws have been patients for years and we've just moved to the state and for pete sake the doctor's name is on my insurance card.
"Let me check with my super." 20 minutes later he comes back.
"It will be $80 per shot." What, is it laced in diamonds?
"Sure. Whatever."
"Umm...just a minute." Again a 15 minute droll.
"Yep even if you are willing to pay, and though the family urgency we need to keep the remaining vaccinations for ESTABLISHED patients. But you can go to Walgreens and they have them for $25."

Walgreens after waiting for 20 minutes and filling out all the paperwork. "Sorry we can't give the flu shot to pregnant women or children under 13."

Luckily I found I could go to the instacare and my insurance would cover it and Katelyn's was $40. Nate went to Walgreens. I scheduled with Sarah's pediatrician office earlier and was planning on her $14 shot during the flu clinic. I called to cancel Katelyn's part of the appointment and the front desk forgot to schedule it in the computer after our very looong conversation and all 2,400 vaccinations were already scheduled out to other patients. We took Sarah to the Ogden Clinic for $20.

Mind you the Weber Morgan Health Department should have been stocked for the whole family but because they get their doses from a government allotted shipment it was delayed and so sometime at the end of October it is expected they will have the regular flu shot as well as the H1N1.

Part 2: The Flu...it's believed I had the Swine Flu
After all that work you would think we'd get a sick free pass, right? Wrong. Less than one week later the horrible flu reared it's ugly head but only for me (thankfully). After fever, profuse retching (did I mention I was already taking Zofran to keep something down before all this madness?), migraines, crazy wicked cough, and runny nose I started to get extreme vertigo evertime I glanced towards the tv. 6 days later I thought I was coming out of it with just a stubborn cough.
The instacare swab tested for influenza A which was negative but not always conclusive for ruling out Swine flu and the office never tested for the 24 hour blood confirmation...

Part 3: The Baby Scare
Apparantly one of those coughing or retching fits caused a tear in the placenta. Severe bleeding and cramping ensued and my OB couldn't give much more sentiments than there was a chance the baby could pull through but I would have to wait in bed for 2 days and then she could see me in the office. (She did tell me I could go to the ER but I would more likely expose myself to more nasty diseases and they would only be able to supply IV liquids).
Happily this morning we were blessed with the sound of a strong heartbeat and visual confirmation that I am healing from the tear. Life has been limited for the next week and a half to small quarters on "partial bed rest" but I am overwhelmed with grattitude for friends and family that have lifted the load with the girls.

Case in point I think I need some immunity help. Nate has repeatedly told me I have the immune system of a 90 year old woman.

PS. I cemented that I do indeed have the best husband in the whole world. Thanks Nate for all your help, love ya babes. Oooh...I forgot the craziest part, I have lost 12lbs in 2 weeks from this madness. Those dounuts on Halloween are going to be absolutely delectable!!!