Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oakland Zoo

Do you ever have a great rendevous planned and then do something lame like forget to check your cell phone's battery life? Yep that would be me. Poor Elizabeth. I tried meeting at the Zoo but couldn't let her know I had arrived. We decided not to make the trip a downer and went at the girls' pace. Strangely enough we got through the entire zoo in 4 hours without any temper tantrums. Small miracle right there. Alison had sent us tickets to the zoo and with it came some ride tickets as well. We all rode the train around the zoo and the carousel. Katelyn was just the right size for the plane ride and we even squeezed in two car rides. A quick trip to the gift shop and eatery and we LOVED the zoo. Too bad I didn't take any shots of the Lion exhibit. It strangely appeared as though the Lion could easily jump the 5 foot space between the 4 foot fence and the deep trench. Ah well. The girls were WAY excited!

Mommy and Sarah

Monkeys and Elephants!

Climbing Trees and Exploring Savannah



Poor Sarah!

All Tuckered Out

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