Thursday, August 21, 2008

An impromptu day at the beach

We were deciding how to spend our Saturday and decided to check out Half Moon Bay again, this time with Nate. It's a neat area for beaching along with kite flyers, BBQ grills, and beach volleyball to boot. Katelyn was braver this time and we got soaked. I sort of had to hold her back in order to wait for the smaller waves that came up to her armpits. She was fearless. Then Nate took a turn with her and afterwards they made nice sandpiles. Sarah enjoyed her view from the stroller and eating bananas. We sampled some great nachos and quesadillas at the little Mexican restaurant and they were delicious and cheap.
WetSnuggledBuriedWetSnuggled and Buried

Sarah grew!!!

So some of you may have followed our scares with Sarah's weight(oh and Katelyn's too). At 4 months Sarah was a mere 9lbs 7oz (waaay below the charts)--considering she was a full-term baby and 6lbs 6oz at birth. Happy day today though when she sauntered on the scale. At 6 and a half months she's 14lbs 2oz (10th percentile) and I couldn't be more proud. Way to go little peanut. She's still in the 3-6 month size but at least we were able to stow away the newborn diapers and clothes. I am completely in love with our new pediatrician...okay I mean she's great with Sarah, thanks Heather Y for your recommendation.

Happy day. We wanted to celebrate so when we heard the doot doo doo dooda outside we ran to catch the icecream truck. Sorry I didn't get a photo op but my couch is nice and peachy from the push up popcicle. Ah well that is what childhood is made of. Please excuse me while I run damage control.
Sarah Before-4 MonthsAfter-6 MonthsKatelyn Before 4 MonthsAfter 6 Months

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hiding and Fighting

Where's Sarah?

Sarah is quite the roller these days. I came in the room to check on her during some tummy time and found this.

Oh here she is!

Daddy tickling Sarah

Katelyn defending Sarah




This one was taken after Nate and Katelyn's first Daddy Daughter Date. They went for a shopping trip to get Katelyn some new shoes.

(Thanks Aunt Becky for the box of new clothes!!!)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Half Birthday to Sarah...

Sarah's First Meal!

Hmmm...I am not so sure about this.

Ooh this is sweet!

Bring on the next course!

Brownies for Auntie Sarah's Birthday on the 13th as this was a double Sarah birthday.

Half Moon Bay and Sarah Meets Sarah

My awesome friend Sarah had a tiny break before her P.A. clinical rotations started and she decided to spend some time with us out here in Cali (sorry that you were expecting warm, sunny California life...I certainly appreciated this little patch of 70 degree weather). We've been living it up talking, shopping, eating, reading, watching movies, and hanging out at the beach. Auntie Sarah has been heaven sent helping me with the day-to-day things and spoiling our girls rotten.

So Half Moon Bay is only about 30 minutes away and we just decided to drive over to the beach for the afternoon. On the way back we found a fruit stand and fields of flowers. It was really breathtaking. There are lots of camping spots along the drive because there is a Redwood Forrest patch of trees right there. I am amazed at the diversity of activities in this area. It's really so beautiful.

Katelyn getting re-aquainted with the sand.

Awesome waves--we saw some surfers down the beach.

Baby Sarah trying to get out of the breeze while the rest of us watched the kite flyers.

Katelyn wanted me to put my feet in the water and then I would dip her toes in as the wave receded.

Sarah's Namesake-we do actually have a wide variety of clothes for little Sarah but this one just keeps showing up in the photos...