Thursday, March 6, 2008

Congrats Fuzzy (Spencer)!

Spence just opened his mission call...he's going to Lima, Peru. He reports in on June 8th. We are so proud of you Uncle Fuzz! It's nice we've all been there on a family trip in 2003. Of course we did see an intense fight over territory between two street shoe shiners while we were in Lima...we won't remind Colleen. The beautiful Wonder of the World, Macchu Picchu, is just south of Lima outside of Cusco. I will have to look for our photos to add some personal ones. For now google images will have to safice.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Katelyn's Glasses Fettish

Katelyn loves, loves, loves to put on glasses. She even wraps them on her belly. Super cute and fun. Oh and she loves her toothbrush/paste, and shoes. Nice that she likes to accessorize.


As previously promised I will relay my experiences with Sarah provided a disclaimer that some things are too sacred or personal to post on the internet.
Katelyn and I spent her last day as an only child spoiling her rotten. We watched movies in the morning, went to storytime with Miss Julie, McDonald's with her friends, a quick stop to see Baby Luke and Katie, home for a nap, and out to get photos of just the two of us. During her nap I finished her scrapbook and updated my journal...just in case. We spent the last night snuggling close on the couch and splashing bubbles all over the bathroom. Nate and I had a special evening, finally finding peace and comfort from a long pregnancy full of false alarms, reading our patriarchal blessings (okay maybe I was the only nervous wreck). The next morning Nate gave me a beautiful priesthood blessing, again, finding truth and comfort.
Then it was off to the hospital with an empty stomach and enjoying the rare 72 degree weather in the beginning of February; Katelyn spent the day admiring the Guymon girls and Nate ate the delicious cookies Rachel supplied us (paybacks for not having to fast since mid 2005). We had a lot of waiting with the obligatory 2 hour prior arrival time and being bumped back from all the emergencies. I really didn't mind (who relishes being cut open, honestly?). We chatted with the nurses...all 4 of them (2 nurses double booked to me, student nurse, and sn supervisor).
The anesthesiologist was so NICE! I couldn't believe how kind he was. Anyway it was a huge relief because I had just experienced the student nurse's first catheter placement. I guess someone has to be her first. We were wheeled down to the OR and everyone was upbeat and excited for us. Spinal block went off without a hitch (such a pro) and I was ready to go. My anesthesiologist said I looked pretty strong, would I like a mirror to watch the procedure. Okay I have to pause to say I never in a million years would have thought I would EVER want to watch, but I did. So I did. It was one of those experiences too sacred and personal to relay, but I will sum it up as a very tender and beautiful experience. Everyone was so excited calling out here she comes, here she comes.
My blood pressure started dropping and I had a major coughing fit...who would have thought I would get sick AT the hospital (okay I know I was sick before but I didn't have any symptoms so it SEEMED like I got sick there). Apparantly I was a moving target.
They kept refering to Nate as "Dr. Starley" and had him cut Sarah's umbilical cord, rather comical after the nurses doubted he could change a diaper properly with Katelyn. Not a necessary title nor correct since Nate hasn't officially graduated yet, but the guesture was really nice. Off to the PACU with our new wee one. More sacred and personal moments with nursing but again a very tender and special experience.
Nate left to get Katelyn after Sarah and I were settled in the recovery room. She was so excited when she came in! Oh I just love my two girls! Katelyn snuggled with me and was very fond of 'her' baby sister pointing out all the features she knew the words to.
My incision has healed nicely, better at 2 weeks out than nearly 2 years, (amazing how your skin heals when you don't have an allergic reaction to the sutures...I love that my Doctor was willing to go the extra mile to clear things up and protect my ability to have more babies). The 4 night, 5 day stay was happily filled with your phone calls and visits. Thank you, thank you. On the way out we realized the weather had changed from the sunny 72 to a fridgid 11 degrees. Ouch. But alas, we survived and are happy to note the temperature has risen again just in time to go out on walks with my girls.
I can't tell you how blessed I feel to be a mom all over again and be able to share it with my amazing husband. It's amazing how my heart has grown to feel that same intensity for Sarah as I have for Katelyn and Nathan rather than been subtracted from them. I know our Heavenly Father feels this way about each and everyone of us too. It's a remarkable feeling. Anyway thanks for listening to my tender moments and if you made it this far in the post, you are a true devoted bloggee.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Week with Grandma Colleen!

We had a lot of fun this past week with Nate's mom here! She was great to take the girl's out in the stroller despite the 17 degree weather and jump around at Pump It Up Gym. We caught up on laundry, conversation, and cooking. Boy does Colleen make an awesome Chocolate Chip cookie. We miss her already and she's only been back in Utah for 24 hours.--Thanks a million 'Nana' and 'Papa' Ropelato for the stroller!