Thursday, June 18, 2009

Annual Fathers Day Silly Tie and other Delightful Crafts

Alison outdid herself this year. Wow! She had three separate picnic tables for themes.
Table #1: Pom-poms, letters, flowers, stars, and googly eyes with glue
Table #2: Bells, Buttons, GI Joes, sewing supplies
Table #3: Father's Day Tie Cards scrapbooking materials
Thanks for helping us create such masterpieces for Nate and Grandpas!
The Loot:

The Scene of the Craft


Mommy and Me Monday Bear Theme:

Bear Honey Toss, Bear Books, Gummy Bears, Bear Cookies, Color Bear Necklace

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kate said...

stacey, you're so cute. and those ties are awesome!