Friday, January 2, 2009


New Year's with Grandpa Ropelato

Special Bonding with Grandpa Starley

Goodbye Grandma and Grandpa

Katelyn fondly swinging

And playing the piano

Sarah's just glad someone is smaller than her...Lexi just looks like a mini version of Sarah...

Nate keeping the cows alive

Snowy walks with Grandma Ropelato

"Kitty" and the little porch chair

Jocelyn 2, Katelyn 2 1/2, McKell 3 1/2

Beautiful Ogden Valley
We decided (since we were procrastinater's and airline prices went way above and beyond our budget) to drive to Utah. Google Maps estimated the trip to be 11 hrs and 45 min. We decided to split the trip into two legs (it was wise planning). We stayed in Winnemucca, NV and don't let the name fool ya. There was no "MUCK" to be found. We stayed at a charming Holiday Inn Express right off the I-80. It was fabulous. They let us check-in at midnight, there was a breakfast with omletes, cereal, pancakes, you name it and it was all complimentary. Also there was an indoor heated pool and hot tub. We gratefully took full advantage of these luxuries to help our kids stay positive about our long trip. Actually Katelyn did fabulous. All she had to hear was the words, "we are going to Grandma's" and she was good as gold. In fact she didn't go to sleep at all because she was so excited to get to Grandma. We had to sugar coat it with the swimming pool or else I think she would have been really devastated not waking up to her beloved Grandma. On the way radio delights such as Alvin and the Chipmunk impersonaters and whistling solo's cheered up our otherwise Loooooooooooong drive.

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Heather, Dan, and Family said...

Great pictures. They make me homesick!