Saturday, December 6, 2008

Morning Runs

I am not a natural runner, but I have tried to be one. I have a handful of 5K's, one Sprint Triathlon, and one Half-Marathon on my list of accomplishments, yet I still feel like a running impersonater. Maybe if I were more consistent I would learn to love it. It's a work in progress.
Nate and I recently started running together again in the foothills; he pushes both girls in the stroller and I try to keep going. Daylight Savings clipped that last precious 30 minutes of sunlight after work and forced us to wake up early in the morning for our exercise. At least it's some sort of payback to the girls for their midnight debuts that we get to wake them up before they want to...
Anyway I can't promise we make it out every morning or that I don't come up with a million excuses why it's not a necessary task, but in the end I am always glad that I went and enjoy the time spent with my family.

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