Monday, December 22, 2008

Children's Discovery Museum

Katelyn making new friends over flying Objects and Mom/Sarah in the Mirror!

Sweet Reflections

Conquering Firetruck fears

Mighty Sarah learning to walk

Who's driving that Ambulance?

Check out our crowd!
The Selway's invited us to explore San Jose's awesome Children's Museum. When we were entering a fellow patron kindly allowed us to enter via her guest passes. Double awesome. What a great place to explore. Katelyn quickly forgot her firetruck/ambulance fears and had a ball playing with Tim, Anthony, and Sean. Sarah loved mostly loved the flying balls and cornstalks intended for making corn husk dolls...if only we had had enough time to explore the bubble exhibit. I guess that leaves something for another visit!

Baby Vito!

Baby Tim and Liz!

Baby Tony!

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