Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grandpa Mario "Mutt" Ropelato

About 5 years ago my grandpa had a heart attack and needed an open heart surgery. This past week he's been having chest pains and headaches. My aunt Dawn took him to the hospital and he needed to stay the night. Everything seems to be going alright as his travel plans haven't been canceled but I was shaken up anyway. I love my grandpa and am so grateful for the support he has been in my life. It's sort of cool that when he was 50, my dad was 25, and I was 0 (just born). Even niftier is that while I was 25 Katelyn was still under 1 year old so the pattern continues...
Those of you who have seen the girls at church in their yellow/white dresses, he's the grandpa who bought them. He's quite the traveller these days and I am so grateful for the many flights to Maryland and excursions to see us in Baltimore. Love ya Grandpa.
Here are some fun photos of my girl's with their great-grandpa:

Dinosaur Park Sept 2008

La Ferrovia Restaurant June 2008

Starley's Apartment in Baltimore, Maryland February 2008

Great-Grandpa Mutt's Farm, Hooper, Utah July 2007

Grandma Ropelato's House, Huntsville, Utah December 2006


Dawn said...

I love your post. It brought tears to my eyes. He is a great guy and I'm glad he'll be around a little longer.

April said...

What a cute Grandpa, they are the best. I hope he is ok. How neat he gets to spend time with your girls. Love ya Stace, hope to see you for Christmas, are you coming up? We are living at my moms until we close on our house so probably another week, but we aren't moving far just to Shadow valley.