Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dinosaur Park

Our last day in Utah was a busy one.
As you can see Katelyn had no desire to leave whatsoever.We had a lovely tea party with McKell and Lexie at Natalie's.Then met up with both sides of the family at Dinosaur Park. It was full of life sized roaring dinos and geological findings. We had a picnic of KFC and danced around with the cousins. What a fun adventure park and final outing before the plane.
Ropelato CousinsT-RexKatelyn or Ivy's future wedding ring...Sarah finally warmed up to Grandma Starley!Sarah with Great-Grandpa Ropelato (this outing was all his idea-isn't he great!)Brushing the sand for Dinosaur bonesSo Big!Exploring at the playgroundGirls clammering over Grandpa RopelatoKatelyn was climbing all over the place, I was taking a shot of her standing and all of a sudden I had to run to catch her before she fell...
The best part of the whole trip was coming home to see Nate! Katelyn was begging for "Rolling Machine" at the airport so it was nice we were headed home. Nate does this rolling thing where he pretends to squish the girls and they squeal with delight and yell "squishy squishy." Pretty cute stuff.


Shari said...

Wish we could have beent there! Sounds like everyone had a great time.

Sjauna said...

I love your family! Those pictures of Nate rolling Katelyn are so cute! I wish I could send you a big hug!