Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Take 2 and 3 on Family Photos

As previously mentioned Grandpa was unable to attend the grandparent/grandkids photo session (I will post a photo of the war wounds just as soon as I can get Grandpa to pose for one...). First round wasn't so great, unbelievable I know, but we tried again today and this was what we ended up with:
Gotta love the feet-ies in these shots.

Anyway I feel fairly pleased considering that there were 5 kids under the age of 4. We spent the afternoon eating, shopping, and hot tubbing at Grandma Ropelato's for our reward.

Here are those long awaited Grandpa Racketball Warwound Shots, mind you this happened while WEARING eye protective wear:

A Real Man's not afraid to ice his wounds...


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! Hopefully your flight home went well. It was very fun to see you and hang out. I looked at Katelyn and Sarah's pictures and thought they were darling! I love Katelyn's dress and Sarah's sweet little soft smile. What fun...I still remember Jackie's one year old pictures and can't believe she's twelve now. I sure love having girls and all the fun things we get to do together. Aren't we so blessed to have our families...Well, sure love ya! Beck

Holly said...

Oh, Stacey!!!! I had so much fun just barely catching up with you guys!!! Things have been so crazy lately and I haven't been to your blog since Nate the hairdresser!!!! The girls are so cute and they have grown so much!!! I really miss you guys. I am so thankful for blogs Ü.
Miss ya, Holl