Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Nate and I found this interesting site one night. has a list of all the lds contributors that donated to Yes on Prop 8. I think it is important to note that when the news states that the lds church has donated such and such amount it's not coming from church tithe or welfare funds. This is all non-tax deductible contributions from individual members wanting to specifically support an effort that coincides with the church teachings about the family unit. Those donations were used to finance media coverage and yard signs. Isn't it a pity that those yard signs weren't available until this week when the other sides have been up since August. Why is that? Well we found out that "No" used a large portion of their funding to bribe the manufacturing contacts. The excuse was that the signs had never arrived when in reality they were sitting in a garage. I am not angry just disappointed in the other side's lack of integrity.


Amy said...

Makes one wonder what proportion of votes really come from advertising of yard signs---was using their fund money to pay off the Yes on 8's distributor a good use of the fund? Or could the money have been better spent with counter-advertising? Either way, it is a poor show of sportsmanship for the democratic process. :(

Nick & Amanda Long said...

You are so good to post so much about this issue! Thanks for doing your part!

Lisa said...

What?? I've totally been wondering why we didn't have our signs and bumper stickers yet! I had to get one from my sister in law's ward!