Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Smaller World than We Think

My favorite church meeting of the year is the Relief Society Broadcast in the fall. I love to go and feel a part of something bigger than my to do list and I always leave feeling inspired. At this year's meeting Sister Beck talked how she was nervous because her mom was moving far away and she asked what will I do without my mom here. Her mom told her to immerse herself with the Relief Society and even if she were really gone that the sisters would fill that mother void. Next Elder Uchtdorf encouraged us to magnify our creative abilities and compassion. So after the meeting there was a chocolate fountain dipping bar. While the sisters in our stake were munching I ran into none other than Miriam Stay, Elizabeth MacDonald's sister (a dear friend from Baltimore). Small world, huh? As we talked, I told her about the portrait I did of their mom, Mary shortly after she passed away. I was able to get her a print of the piece and I just felt so enriched for being a part of this wonderful organization. I didn't really give these speakers credit for their messages but you can access them at in a couple weeks. Anyway here is a sampling of that piece:

Thank you Miriam for the lovely bouquet of Starlight Lillies!


Amy said...

Stacey, you're a true sweetheart.

Lisa said...

Great portrait. You are so good. I liked the women's conference too!