Saturday, October 25, 2008

Woodland Park Halloween Party

Getting Ready for the PartyA sneak peak at the carnival room and ballroom behindNate makes a great butler...

Nate and I were recently called to be on the activities committee and we were quite blown away by the party the rest of the committee had planned for the Halloween Celebration. It was a Haunted House theme that was really cool. The main entrance was an 8 foot inflatable archway that led into the church. Upon entering one was assigned a rotation group (witch, monsters, pumpkin, or spiders) and introduced to their group leader (Nate was ours). Each theme room was alloted 20 minutes to entertain and then the spooky organ music signaled the next rotation. We started in the haunted ballroom for some thriller dance lessons by our young women (one half of the gym was lined with mirrors, spooky dancing skeletons, and dry ice rootbeer brewed in a cauldron. Next was a halloween carnival room with pumpkin carving, toad shaped fish pond, pumpkin bean bag toss, witch hat ring toss, and professional family photos. Next we went through the haunted cemetary into the ghoulish dining hall. This room was complete with life sized skeleton pirates eating a dinner of bones and the entire meal was halloween themed (Werewolf legs-BBQ Chicken drumsticks, Frankenstein Head-cheeseball decorated as such, etc). Lastly there were two separate scary story readings in the libraries. One was really cute with haunted fireplaces and big chairs where two people read children's stories. The other room was set up rather with creatures all over the walls and the stories were really scary geared to entertain teenagers and adults. In between all the rotations people handed out halloween candy. Can you believe it was for a ward party? The bar has been set high but Nate and I had a really fun time.

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(entrance and my lovely poster)Angel, Tooth Fairy, Tinkerbell, "the Butler"Group Assignments by Dracula...(carnival room/ballroom)

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Looks like an awesome party! Fun!