Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sarah's 1 year checkup

Sarah's coming in at a blossoming 17.5 lbs and 29 in. which keeps her proportinately in the 5th percentile. While there I was chatting with Dr. Halpin about the fun and unique interests in the two girls. She responded with a flippant, "It's funny how those genetics can jumble up and create so many different combinations." I was quiet while considering her statement on the drive home. Sure genetics have a hand in the makeup of the body of a human but I believe it is the spirit inside those bodies that radiates their true personalities.
As sweet and caring of a physician as Dr. Halpin is, I still miss Dr. Caterina. Despite a few snafoos he was always engaged with our girls but perhaps that connection only comes when the pediatrician has been with the family from day one...? I don't know. When we would come for our visits he would tell us insights into his life as well. I remember when he told us about his new home and the dogs somehow got out and chewed up all the molding. We made him a sign for a housewarming gift that said "Love is Spoken Here." He was touched and then whispered to us as though we were co-conspirators, "I would hang it in the office but it's just not true somedays. I guess I will have to take it home and display it there."
I don't mean to harp on our Ped because I really like her and she does have a motherly tenderness with the girls. It's just different because she is a different person and it makes me appreciate attributes of other doctors who've previously taken watch over the girls.

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