Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Poor Man's Rollercoaster

Nate had President's Day off so we went into the city for a day trip. It was a rainy, chilly day so we stayed in the car for most of it. We drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and looked around Sausalito. We had lunch at Boudin for some delish chilli soup bowls, sougherdough bread pizza, and chocolate croissant. Katelyn entertained herself by listening to her playlist on my ipod and singing for the rest of us. We took a trip up to Coit tower and almost got stuck in the big puddle in the parking lot, and then took Lombard's winding street. Katelyn kept calling out, "Wow! The car is falling down!" over and over as we went down. She wanted to go again and again...

Driving down Lombard Street

View from Coit Towers of Lombard Streets swervy part

Brightly painted Townhomes (you know you're in San Fran when...)

Katelyn's serenade


Heather, Dan, and Family said...

I love San Francisco! Sounds like a perfect day.

Safa Maiwand, DDS said...

I love this story!
And, I miss you guys :D

Rachel Guymon said...

i also really love san francisco. i have family that lives there and always thoroughly enjoyed visits there. so fun!

April said...

I love San Fran. Trent and I went right before I got pregnant with Hudson, it was one of my most favorite trips. Glad you had a good time.