Friday, February 6, 2009


We've had a bit of a struggle with our downstairs neighbors which is sad really. When we first moved in they brought us cookies (who does that in apartments, right?) Lately the thin floorboards have been a bit much for them to handle with the pitter patter of 4 little feet. At least the girl's room is over the carport so they can be as loud as they want in there. We've had intermittent rainy days so we invested in an inflatable jump-o-lene for Sarah's birthday to give them somewhere to jump to their little hearts content.
How my girl's express themselves:

Sarah sorting my sorted laundry pile

Peek-a-boo out of the closet

Happy in the Jumpin' Pit

Sisterly Loves

One Happy Mama


Amy said...

That really is sad. It almost seems that people just don't have the same patience for children that they did in yesteryear. I'm glad you found a solution! Looks like girlets love it.

Nathan said...

Your girls are getting so big. I can't believe it!

April said...

what a good idea the indoor jumping thing. Cute girlies.

Nate and Lori said...

Thats too bad. I have a piar of elephants that just moved in next door and I've been ready to go over and yell at them but I think I'll just try to geive them a break after reading this.

Alisa said...

What a great idea. It's hard having kids in such confined spaces and so many close neighbors.

Nanci said...

I really like your haircut. I don't know how long its been like that but I just noticed it :) We have the same jump-o-lene and it works wonders!