Saturday, October 22, 2011

UEA Weekend in Park City

Nate took us girls to Park City for UEA this weekend.  We had a great time making a mess and letting someone else clean it up...just kidding.  The girls LOVED sharing a bed, I guess bunk beds at home are not the same.  We swam in the pool in the morning and shopped in the afternoon at the outlets.  Perfect retreat for all but maybe next time we'll do a bit more of Nate's stuff.

Checking out the beautiful fall colors

Watching Horseland

Park City

Cute Baby Abby

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Rachel said...

I LOVE Park City. My Dad has a house in Midway and I think it's gorgeous there...I keep telling Jim we should move to Heber. It's fun seeing updates of you guys. I was thinking about you the other day and that I miss you Stace. Now you just need to keep these up!