Friday, October 28, 2011

My Mom's Retired!!!

My mom has been working as a Respiratory Therapist for the last 37 years. She just finished her last shift and is so excited to be done. She worked for years and years full-time on the graveyard shift so she never missed out on our kid activities. She's pretty amazing! The girls and I had a little retirement party (which to them means a singing card of Cellll-e-brate to dance to, balloons, giant unicorn, flowers from each girl and lots and lots of hugs!)

Unicorn is a must!
Grandma flowers, balloons and
lots and lots of snugs


Darinda said...

Thanks for the party. The girls were so cute with the balloons. The flowers were beautiful. I pretty much have it all.....

Katie said...

Remember when you threw ME a retirement party? Only I hadn't quite worked 37 years. :-) I was probably just as happy to be done though! I loved all your posts. It was SO good to see pictures of your kids! And good to see your beautiful face. You really are so striking. Love you Stace.