Friday, October 7, 2011

Orange you going to Smile?

Katelyn had an interesting experience.  As Nate was pulling into the driveway Katelyn took her seatbelt off to surprise Nate with a Boo.  Nate had forgotten the lawnmower was at the front and he pushed the brakes.  Katelyn went rolling right over the seat and smooshed her face in the dash.  She got her first shiner and learned an important lesson about leaving seat belts on until the car stops.  Still the large amounts of rain, the fact that today is school picture day and she has a bruised eye doesn't stand in the way of orangey smiles.  I love these girls!

After a little makeup magic!

 As for Sarah and Abby, a few princess braids and a hat and they've forgotten all about Grandma's pool closing and the torrents of rain outside.

Hat Snugs and Grins

Rain, Rain,
  Go Away
     Come Again Another Day!

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kate said...

so fun to see your cute girlies so grown up! and glad you'll be blogging more, makes me glad to see your faces! :)