Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Utah Montage

hmmm...we started with an early call from Spain with Matt, church with my mom, church with Nate's Mom, barbeque with Grandma Maxfield (thanks for coming too Grandpa and saving us one more stop), phone call with Spencer from Peru and finally we slept. Next year I think I am going to be selfish and take an only me mother's day but it was really nice to be with everyone...
Belated Package from Nate for Mother's Day

Huddling around the missionary phone calls

Grandma Maxfield's BBQ

Grandpa Ropelato


A.Swinging at the new house with Grandma
B.Jocelyn and Katelyn at Valerie's Farewell (she's headed to Oklahoma Hol)
C.Watching Hunter, McKell, and Alexis while Natalie had her surgery
D. Katelyn growing up

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