Friday, May 8, 2009

Sarah's Bumps and Bruises

This has been one rough trip for Sarah. Slipping on marble steps at the law office in Salt Lake, tripping on the stairs at Grandmas, skinning knees, bumping cheeks the list goes on. That's just the scrapes. She's also had fevers of near 103 and vomitting episodes. Scariest was during a bath session when I was dumping bath water over her head and rather than sputtering, Sarah was snoring. She has not had the cleanest bill of health but in between the down days has had plenty of intense play.
Sarah looking a little roughed up

The scene of the "spit"

Meg making a new best friend


April said...

Poor girl, I hope she's ok. Ruby was always falling and getting scraps and bruises, well still is. Are you here yet? Or when do you move?

Holly said...

Poor little darlin'!!! She is so cute, Stace. I am so happy you guys are back, and found a house! We miss you. I wish we lived closer and could do some fun projects!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!


Lisa said...

So sorry that the baby's been sick. Maisey was sick too and it turned out to be an ear infection. How fun to be in Utah!

Amy said...

awww, poor little Sarah! Hey, when are you coming back and how long do we have you for before you're gone for good??