Sunday, September 21, 2008

Girl's Trip ***Warning Lots of Photos***

We started out with a super early flight but decided the girl's travel best at 6am. Sarah slept the entire flight and Katelyn was golden all but the last 10 minutes. She decided to try to fit herself into the carry-on space under the seat in front of us and got stuck; of course it would be right when the flight attendent asked me to buckle her up. Needless to say a short lived tantrum ensued (thankfully it was very short). It was worth it all when we saw my mom. I can't believe how darling it was to watch her bolt through the airport for Grandma just as soon as she saw her about 100 feet away. Priceless.
After a few minutes fanangling with luggage and car rental stuff my mom told me Natalie had the baby an hour before we landed (10 days early). Alexis Ropelato was born at 5 lbs 11oz and 19 inches long. She's pretty cute stuff. I guess McKell (3 yrs) came in at 5am and told Dave and Nat that she had just had a dream and her sister was coming. Nat got up to put her back to bed and her water broke.
I guess Lexie wanted to join our girl's picnic. Speaking are some fun shots of the family picnic. My uncle Larry was so nice, he even took my cousin's shift so she could come hangout. Family is so awesome but we sure miss Nate. Guess we'll come back soon enough, huh?

Next on the agenda was the Starley Girl's Trip. We started out with Dinner at Bombay Grill in Ogden (Indian food) that was really yummy. Too bad I was slightly sleep deprived and walked out holding my water glass. The waitress hunted me down and asked for it back. Klepto tendencies??? The next day we went to Snowbasin Ski Resort for a gondola ride up the lift and hike to the ridge. We stopped that night for Costa Vida and the best play ever...Big! Yes Big like the movie. It was so much fun, I can't even tell ya. Of course it was super great because the main actor looked/acted just like Joey Hale. No relation (Katie confirmed this through text at Midnight her time) despite the fact that we were at Hale Theater, which IS Joey's extended family . Lastly was a horseback ride along Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake but I bowed out because Sarah had decided 3 days of activities was just too long.
Dinner at Bombay Grill (Indian) AKA Scene of the Almost Crime
Gondola Ride
Ridge Up Porcupine Lift
Snowbasin Lodge
We're off to Big at Hale Theater
We've had many days of fun with the cousins and grandparents on both sides.
Ouchies--Katelyn's first big fallGifts!Matching New DressesJumperoo and Loads of Excitement
Wrecking Havoc


Shari said...

Sounds like you need a vacation to rest from your vacation! :-) WOW! Sounds like it was lots of fun. The pictures are very cute.

kate said...

looks like a wonderful time! i so wish i could have seen the joey look alike! loved all the pics stace!

Nick & Amanda Long said...

WOW - what a fun trip you had!! The girls pictures are SOOO cute! They are getting so big! I miss you guys!

Lisa said...

Your trip already looks so fun! I am so jealous that you are hanging out with your family - it makes me want to hang out too! Have a great trip!