Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New York Girl's Trip

Four Girls on the Ferry

Holly laughing at goofy photos by the Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty's piercing eyes behind Heather and Anne

What an amazing show (we were right up front and could see the expressions and appreciate the ick factor from the spitting)

Anne and Holly with the Dinos at Natural History Museum (long live Night at the Museum)

Grandma Colleen holding Minnie Mouse with the Berenstain Bears Family (Heather, Grace, Davy, and Dan) at the amazing Halloween Fest.

Katelyn as Minnie Mouse (didn't Nate do such a great job getting her ready?)

Okay it was crazy chaotic but super fun. 6+ hours to Connecticut Thursday night (sleep at 1:30am), wake at 4:40am to catch train to NY, meet Colleen and Anne to head to Statue of Liberty. All day journey there and around Ellis Island (with a few yummy stops for pastries along the way) only to rush back to get ready for... Wicked. Yes you heard it here folks. I did manage to make it to Wicked on Broadway. Loved the music and performers -the story still bothers me a little so not my all time fav but definately worth seeing. We headed back to the hotel for some decadent cheesecake (perfect at 11:00pm). We took it easy the next day with a delicious late morning and spent the day at the Empire State Bldg, Central Park, and Natural History Museum. Then we headed back to CT to go to an awesome trunk or treat at the church. Loved the bonding with my mother and sisters (we'll just drop the in-law because I can't seem to write it correctly anyway). Poor Nate had an adventure finding preschool in a new state for Grace and holding down the fort with Davy and Katelyn. What a guy. Katelyn was a trooper (it was our longest spread apart ever) and gave me the biggest hug when I finally got back to her. I am sure she had the time of her life.


Erin said...

you're so lucky that you're close enough to do roadtrips to the big apple. i don't think you can ever get bored there. looks like fun!!

Nate and Lori said...

I am so jealous that you got to see Wicked on Broadway. I saw it last year in LA and loved it. The girls trip sounds like a lot of fun.

Lori said...

isn't wicked just awesome???