Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ropelato Christmas Party

My Grandpa is headed to PA for the holidays so we moved our family Christmas Party up to the 5th. We had our delicious classic dinner of lasagne prepared by my grandpa and loads of fun with games. The kids dressed up for a nativity and we exchanged gifts. All in all a very fun evening. Thanks Aunt Dawn and Mom for all your prep work.

Opening Gifts

Nativity-(if you couldn't tell there are a lot of great granddaughters. My dad's section alone is 8 granddaughters to 1 grandson. Fitting for all the solo daughters and loads of sons from the generation before).


Natalie Ropelato said...

I love that Mckell and Jasmin are right on Kaitlyn while she is opening her present. So cute that they are just as excited to see what she got than to see what they got.

The Long Family Nick * Amanda * Brady said...

SOunds like such a fun family tradition! That picture of Kaitlyn on the top of your blog is gorgeous!! She is growing up so fast!!!