Thursday, August 21, 2008

An impromptu day at the beach

We were deciding how to spend our Saturday and decided to check out Half Moon Bay again, this time with Nate. It's a neat area for beaching along with kite flyers, BBQ grills, and beach volleyball to boot. Katelyn was braver this time and we got soaked. I sort of had to hold her back in order to wait for the smaller waves that came up to her armpits. She was fearless. Then Nate took a turn with her and afterwards they made nice sandpiles. Sarah enjoyed her view from the stroller and eating bananas. We sampled some great nachos and quesadillas at the little Mexican restaurant and they were delicious and cheap.
WetSnuggledBuriedWetSnuggled and Buried


Amy said...

fun times! we might go to the beach this weekend. If we do, you guys should come...we'll show you our little local's beach that is pretty cool---Manresa State Beach. I bet you guys would love it too!

Heather, Dan, and Family said...

Such cute pictures of the girls. What a fun day.