Friday, January 4, 2008

December Tasks by Katelyn

Just click on the picture to see it enlarged:

Taste Tester

Secret Shopper

Retirement Party Thrower

Stocking Snatcher

Fashion Coordinator

Book Critic

Belly Button Exposer

Helicopter Pilot

Trail Blazer


Clint & Emily said...

Sheesh. When she's busy, she's busy. Is she for hire?

Becky said...

Welcome back Starleys!! We've missed ya! Looks like you had a great trip though. Glad you didn't have the baby on the plane, although that would've made a great story.

Nanci said...

At least she will be a great little helper when #2 arrives. YAY!

Erin said...

glad to see somebody had a full and productive holiday season. i sat around and... yep.

Starley Family said...

Yeah it would have made a much better story than my swollen ankles from air travel but...I am glad to have 5 more weeks of alone time with Katelyn.

mattnbeth said...

she is so cute! she makes me tired just reading all the things she does. good luck with this last stretch on pregnancy and please let me know if theres anything i can do for you.