Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cool Things About Atlantic City...

So Nate, Katelyn, and I decided to take one last adventure over MLK weekend before the new arrival comes. We had a super fun time swimming in the indoor pool and shopping the outlets. We stopped into the Atlantic City Historic Museum and learned a lot of interesting tidbits about the place.

*Salt Water Taffy was invented here in 1880 by Mr. Enoch James. (Our hotel concierge hooked us up with a free box of taffy because we couldn't find any souvenir shops that were open on the boardwalk).

*The Miss America Pagent is held here but apparently Miss Atlantic City never competes. Instead she is the official "greeter" of the contestants. I guess the first girl decided it would be unfair and started the tradition of hostess.

*Ever wonder where Boardwalk and Park Place have reference? Monopoly was founded in A.C. and based off the streets, railroads, and electric companies.

*In 1930 when Planters opened a shop on the boardwalk they had a Mr. Peanut strolling with crowds (Disney based his amusement park characters from the Mr. Peanut mascot).

*The first Ferris Wheel was set on the boardwalk made out of wood (the first steel one was at the Chicago World Fair).

*It's the first boardwalk created and it was taken down and stored during the off season for the first few decades (it's over 6 miles long).

*The steel pier originated the famous bareback horserider 40 ft dive into a tank of water (anyone seen Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken?).

Anyway there is all sorts of cool stuff to see. The casinos have only been here since the 70's so now it basically looks like Vegas on the beach.


Erin said...

good for you guys gettin' out one last time. i've never been, but i've always felt like atlantic city had a lot of 20th century american charm, and it sounds like it's got loads. are you ready for baby??

Amanda said...

I didn't know you guys went out of town - how fun!!

Starley Family said...

I am so excited for the baby!!!! I feel like I have been preggers forever! I don't think my belly can take anymore of her spread eagle kicks either.
Just a couple weeks and we can see her! Now if we could only decide on a name...