Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend Excursions

Nate and I decided to check out the local cuisine at the new restaurant called Fogo de Chao. I'll sum it up as the new Brazilian Churrascaria in Inner Harbor (just like Rodigio's at home but way nice). Katelyn loved everything about it, the food, the service (Nate conversing in Portugeuse), and the entertainment (large pictures of Brasilian Gauchos).

Here is a sneak peak at Katelyn's walking excursions. She loves to push her walker and is immediate to point out if something is blocking her path. She is dancing to her own tune as she pushes along.

Our new word this week is "nose". Katelyn is showing me where my nose is. At least she doesn't try to stuff it in her mouth the way she does when we point to Mickey's nose.

Here Katelyn is showing us just how hungry she is. Poor Kitty.


Aaron said...

Churascaria in Inner Harbor! FHE tonight.

Heather, Dan, and Family said...

Yum...looks like fun. I am glad Nate got the chance to speak in Portuguese. Dan is working with a guy from Spain and he loves speaking "real" spanish.

Clint & Emily said...

Hi Stacey! I was thrilled to discover your blog, and am even more thrilled to read of all your updates!
I too am a fan of the vampire books, and was glad to hear your review...and I do hope the second trimester treats you better...and to what specialty are you guys applying? Anyway, I'll look forward to staying up to date with your goings-on.
- Emily Norby - If you get a chance, drop me a line:

Burnhams said...

So, thanks for the tip... we went to Fogo de Chao, and I must say, it was AMAZING!!! Loved every second of it, and they pretty much had to roll me out of there by the time I was done.

Becky and Jeff said...

Hey guys, we're just impressed you can take Katelyn to a nice restaurant. Jasmin would probably get our family kicked out! Hope everything's going good...So, do you know if it's a boy or girl yet? Let us know. Catch ya later.

Lisa said...

stacey - this is Nate's cousin Lisa. my mom told me about your blog so I came to check it out! Katelyn is so cute and I'm just finding out about little Sarah. I had some other friends go to that same brazilian restaurant and they loved it. Anyways - you can check out our blog. I only started it a few months ago so it's a work in progress. see ya!