Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lucky Three's

Well happy days are coming. . . I should be heading out of my first trimester this week. Thanks to a healthy dose of Zofran Katelyn has sort of had a mom these past few months. We are hoping and praying that the nausea will leave with the first three months. I think Nate will be happy to have regular meals again too (don't let him fool you, he can whip up some great meals with the quickness).

The couch time has done me some good on the reading end of things. I just finished the third installment of Stephenie Meyer's books, Eclipse. If you haven't caught the Twilight fever I highly recommend it. A great void has been filled in my mourning the Harry Potter series.

And the final third. . .Katelyn took three steps toward me today! Hooray!


Anonymous said...

I've got Twilight coming in tomorrow and I'm really excited to see what the buzz is all about! I just hope I can make it though our trip to Utah with out any plot spoiling taking place! I hope you feel better soon and congrats to Kate!

Whitings said...

Stacey!!! I am so glad I found your blog! Congrats on being pregnant! I am so excited for you! I hope that you start to feel better soon. That is so awesome that Katelyn took 3 steps!

Carissa, Brandon & Carly said...

Hi Stacey! I was blog hopping and found your blog this morning. So fun!! I just have to say that I just read Twilight and LOVED IT!!!! Twilight fever is taking the nation and I am happy to say that I am starting the San Diego chapter of it. I'm trying to wait very patiently to read New Moon. My mom bought it before I could and so I have to wait for her to finish reading it!!