Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Student of the Month

Katelyn has had a big month of awards.  She had a reflections/literacy night display at her school and her sunflower drawing was chosen to go on to Council (to be judged against all the other elementary schools in the district).  She received a ribbon, certificate, gift card to an ice-cream parlor, a fun day at the Kangaroo Zoo and a ceramics day with all the other participating kids at her school.  She also found out she was chosen as Student of the Month for November and was invited to come back to school for a special assembly (she's in half-day kindergarten).  I will post images of her entry once we get it back but here are some shots of her ceramics day and awards assembly:
Katelyn with her Friends
Getting a hug from Mom

Busy Painting

My mom joined us for our afternoon at Kangaroo Zoo (indoor bounce house playland) and pizza lunch (you order pizza but it's really just placed through Dominoes and then delivered...smart).

And Katelyn at her Awards Assembly by her class paintings
 Hearing her name announced
 Accepting the Award and listening to all the nice things Ms. Vandyke wrote about her
 Showing off her award certificate
Way to Let your Light Shine Katelyn!!

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