Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Seattle Thanksgiving

We decided since Heather was in her 9th month of pregnancy that we would travel to see them this year.
We started with a day of preschool and kindergarten.  Sarah was the leader and we didn't want her to miss out.  We made a poster full of photos and Sarah's favorite things to introduce her to the class.  She brought her pet hermit crab, Swirl for show and tell.  We were in charge of the snack and Sarah wanted to share her favorite food: pancakes with whipped cream and blueberries and Chocolate milk.  It was a fun day!  Katelyn had a Thanksgiving Parade in her headband and vest.

 Making handprint turkeys
 She wanted to say a prayer at school...

The first night, we stayed at a nice hotel with an indoor pool/hot tub and exercise room.  We ran a couple miles, swam with the girls, and had breakfast before setting out again. 
We had at least two miracles on this trip.  One was that we made it the 60 miles to the next gas stop with our red light on and the second was that our tire went flat in Yakima with a full tire shop rather than in one of the tiny towns along the road or on the freeway.

Thank you good samaritan that helped us switch the flat for the spare so we could drive to the tire shop!

We finally made it to Mukilteo and had a great time eating delicious food, wrestling and chasing, opening matching jammies, watching Beezus and Ramona, hiking in the Gulch, reading stories, and playing games.
 Aunt Annie entertaining the kids with stories
 Family Photo
 Returning from the Gulch Hike
 Opening Matching Christmas Pillowcases
 And Matching Jammies
 Wrestling with Uncle Matt
Three Sleepy Girls

We had a fun filled day in Seattle visiting the Pacific Science Center and Pike's Place Market.  The girls got to play with butterflies, and water hermit crabs, starfish, giant chess pieces, you name it.  We didn't quite match up with the Richins family but we did see Occupy Seattle and the lighting of the Macy's Christmas Tree and Firework Display.  We started our return trip with a decadent 7 course breakfast at Snowqualmie Falls.
 The Butterfly House (one landed on Katelyn's head but we didn't get the photo)

 Jamming on the teeter totter
 Climbing in the tunnels
 The music area
 Snowqualmie Falls
 Sarah refused to wear a coat but always ended up stealing mine along the way...

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ashes said...

Aww, I was just in Seattle in July! (I was visiting a dear friend and BYU roomies), and was at Snowqualmie Falls!