Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Front Runner to Gateway

We decided to take an outing to the Gateway for Nate's day off. We packed a lunch and the girls and loaded up on the Front Runner. A family day pass is only $13.50 and we would have spent that in gas and parking for Salt Lake. We spent a grand time watching the girls play by the squirt fountains and reading books in Barnes and Noble. After icecream in the food court and a couple of visits to stores we headed back to the Trax and onto the Front Runner. Abby slept the trip home and Nate entertained the girls with their new books, Rapunzel and Berenstein Bears and the Messy Room.


adventure knitter said...

I've missed reading little updates on your family!

Starley Family said...

Holly Richins said:

How fun!!!!! I have been catching up this morning on your blog and I can't believe how much your little ladies have grown! They are so darling and it makes me miss you guys!
(Sorry Hol I accidentally scrolled when I clicked on publish and it deleted your comment...lame friend that I am).
I miss all you guys too!