Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our Newest Addition

Katelyn's Preschool had a fieldtrip to the museum today. It was raining really hard so our tour guide went home early. It was great that most of the kids had not been before so they didn't know they were missing out at the children's center. Aw well. Katelyn had a blast anyway.

We have a pet!!!! We found a caterpillar while purousing the little green spikes of tulips and daffodils coming up in the flower beds. Her name is Dandelion. We made her a little home with a stick but all she wanted to do was crawl around in the dirt and burrow under a leaf. She stopped moving after about 3 days and I thought she died (the green leaves were now dried up withered things). I was slow to throw her outside and then she started to change colors. She made herself into a red cacoon but chose not to hang herself from the stick, hmmm. She is still in that position and we found a buddy in the garden to compare to Dandelion. I left him on the counter because he too looked like he had started the cacoon phaze. Next morning he was gone. Great now I have a loose caterpillar on my hands.

Sisterly LOVES
Katelyn loves to snuggle with Abby. Sarah and Katelyn don't see what's wrong with loving her when she's asleep or being loud during that time either...Poor Abs. What doesn't hurt her only makes her stronger.

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