Saturday, February 5, 2011

Laundry Room Renovations

We finished this just before Abby was born in May but somehow with the 3 girls I never got around to blogging about our work. (I am currently working on my kitchen...)

Close Enough to After

Here is a more detailed transition:
Before Under Stairs

Framing DIY

Sheetrock DIY

Bring in the Professionals:Framers, Plumbers, Mud and Tapers

Paint DIY

Flooring DIY

Chalkboard Wall (missing the measuring wall and moulding but you get the idea)

Mural over Kitchen from Laundry Room entrance

Polka Dot Playroom Wall

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Katie said...

are you kidding me? this is amazing. i love, love, love it all. what a cool, artistic house you have. and that laundryroom looked like a lot of work. I'm glad I've been there so I can recognize the rooms. We miss you guys. Oh, and thanks so much for telling Mike Crowton about little old Joes. you guys are true blue pals.