Saturday, January 8, 2011

29th Birthday Wishes

I asked for Paint. By paint I mean I painted the upstairs and downstairs hallways, the playroom, wallpapered the ceiling with paintable wallpaper, hung beadboard wall paper under my pantry, painted with venitian plaster on my backsplash and two walls in the kitchen, painted the lower cabinets one color, the upper another, and the underside of my counter another. It's not quite finished but it's been so fun. My sister-in-laws are the best and sent me parafin wax and the sister-in-laws on the other side took me to a day spa. We spent the entire day there (or so it seemed!!!). It was a steam shower, then the shower exfoliate, hair shampoo and deep conditioner, eyebrow wax, 1 hour massage, full line product sampling in the locker was heaven!!! My in laws made me an awesome Salmon dinner with Quinoa. The girls and Nate made me breakfast in bed and Nate and I went to dinner at Dei Enko Tai AKA Kobe and saw the Reese Witherspoon chick-flic. What memories!
Shots of the ceiling during

Rearranging Katelyn and Sarah's room

(We wont dwell on date night being broken into two nights because Abby cried better make that screamed for 1 hr 40 min until Grandma broke down and called it quits. The minute I got home Abby became perfectly content and played quietly with her toys. Did I mention she's a little attached to me??)


April said...

Dang! Sounds like an awesome bday! I'm gonna have to come over again to see all the transformations. Sounds awesome!

Amy said...

yaya! I am so glad you had a great birthday! Painting is really cleansing sometimes, but I bet especially for you since you're so artsy & good with colors. Here's hoping you get a better date night SOON. :)