Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter with 2 Grandma's

Colleen went to Connecticut this year so we celebrated Easter early with the Starley's. This actually worked out perfectly so we could have loads of Easter celebration and still have Conference Weekend available. For the Starley Easter we had a mix of Eggs with symbols of the Easter Story inside and candy. For the Ropelato Easter we had a mix of candy and money. Katelyn was our best money hunter and found a $20 gold egg.

Here is a photo highlight:
Starley Easter
Dying Eggs with Grandma Starley

Dying Easter Eggs

A little game of Horse

Sarah falling asleep with bottle in hand before the Hunt due to the game of Horse

Racing for the Eggs

A boost from Daddy

Ropelato Easter

Family Photo

The Competition

Katelyn in the Hunt

Sarah in the Hunt

Katelyn (dressed as an Angel) surveying the goods

Sarah (dressed as a Fairy) holding her baby

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Katie said...

I can't believe that picture of Sarah falling asleep with the bottle raised!! That is some crazy sleepiness. Oh and I loved all you house project pictures. You guys have been busy! Hey have Nate call Joes. He wants to talk to him. Love you guys.